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Treat someone special to a unique and different gift – with one of Neisi’s beautiful vouchers. Each comes in a handmade envelope, bound in silk organza ribbons and elegantly sealed in wax.

A voucher offers the recipient five treatment choices in the comfort of their own home: Supreme Pilates, Wellness, Weight Management Interview, Hand Massage or Feet Treat.

£75 per voucher



Neisi is much more than a weight loss coach: she is a life coach. Through her insightful guidance I was able to look at my whole life. She gave me the support and encouragement I needed to make realistic changes in my lifestyle. And I lost weight!
Female, 62

Neisi is extraordinarily caring and understanding, and puts a huge amount of effort into helping clients to achieve their goals. I have the feeling that she sees into people's souls.
Female, 36

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