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Learn to run in a safe way and learn to love it too! Neisi will teach you run at a pace that suits you and your lifestyle and ambitions. Whether it’s to assist as part of a weight management program, or to tone up or to use as a way of getting things out of your system, running can be great fun and Neisi can help you appreciate that!

Five or Ten session courses available (£500/£850)


Neisi destroyed my myth that I wasn’t born for running. From never having ran at all, I have now completed my first 10km official run!
Female, 41

I used to hate running. I did the five-day course and started loving it from day one. Now it is a regular part of my life.
Female, 45

When I started my Weight Loss programme I knew all the benefits of running. Unfortunately I hated it. Working with Neisi I have learnt how to run properly and to enjoy it. She explained to me the logic behind level and length of training and that kept me interested.
Female, 47

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