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Neisi has given lectures in her home country for groups of up to 400 people in clubs, companies, schools and universities. She can give any of the lectures below or cater for specific requests about distinct aspects of fitness and personal care.

- Define, achieve and maintain your ideal weight
- Learn foreign languages without studying grammar (Neisi has taught herself Italian,
  German, Spanish, Hebrew and Greek, as well as learning English and French)
- Protect your sleep
- Climbing Aconcagua (highest mountain in the Americas)
- Climbing Kilimanjaro (highest mountain in Africa)

£300 per one hour lecture


Neisi is a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher. Her methodology is clear and thorough, yet at the same time she is gentle and sensitive to one’s needs and abilities. I also enjoyed her as a person - I found her to be warm, engaging, supportive of me and professional in every way. I found it a very positive and enjoyable experience. I learned a great deal. I would recommend Neisi to anyone who is seeking excellence.
Female, 75

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