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The first stage of work with Neisi is an hour’s interview. That will allow her to thoroughly assess your needs, expectations and your general health and fitness.

From this meeting, Neisi is able to choose the most effective path for your treatment and the most direct route to the results that are right for you.

The interview is an integral part of the Supreme Pilates, Wellness, Chocolate ¨ Cream Weight Management and of the Running programs.

£65 per interview


During my interview session Neisi was so efficient in identifying the real issues behind my progressive weight gain that I actually resolved many of my problems there and then. It was the best value session I ever paid for!
Female, 40

My interview with Neisi was clearly focused on understanding the background of when I started gaining weight and what the reasons would be for that. Neisi asked a series of perceptive questions leading to a discussion which was extremely thought provoking for me. I was so impressed by the thoroughness of the initial meeting that I knew that I could go through with the program, confident that it would work.
Male, 41

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