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Various massage techniques laced with many anti-stress therapies bespoke to help you to unwind. Suggested as a perfect way to relax and/or get to know Neisi and the way she works. This is the only session that a client can do without an interview and future follow up.
£65 per hour session


I have always loved reflexology purely as a relaxing and indulgent a treat. However, in Neisi’s Feet Treat sessions we have also addressed issues like migraine, upset stomach, insomnia and as a complement of my weight management program. The results were amazing.
Female, 46

Neisi listens well and is particularly sensitive to how I am feeling each day. She has a quiet, professional demeanour. I enjoy my sessions very much.
Female, 35

No matter which kind of day I have had I always feel better after my sessions with Neisi. I could not recommend her more highly.
Female, 47

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